PPC Ad's

Digital Rocket Marketing offer PPC management services across a range of platforms including Google Ads, Bing and Social Media Advertising.

We pride ourselves in our personalised service. From digital strategy and user research to A/B testing and customer journey analysis, we take a holistic approach to maximise your campaign results.

When you first contact us, you will be allocated a digital PPC specialist. This specialist will carry out a business review to understand your companies budget, goals and aims. Our specialist will recommend you the best platform for your ads and the best ad types to give your company the results they are looking for. Our aim from this is to get you clients/ sales, not just brand awareness (clicks), like most PPC marketing companies.


Google Ads

Unlike many other forms of advertising, PPC is extremely targeted, measurable and best of all, you only pay when you get quality clicks to your website! Sounds good right?

Potential customers are searching for businesses like yours every day, and 88% of those searches take place on Google.

Paid Search ads are used to reach those who are actively searching for what you sell, positioning your ads above competitors and driving highly relevant users to your website.

Digital Rocket Marketing are experts in driving cost-effective Paid Search campaigns, placing your ads in front of the most relevant users so every single click provides value to your business. With a constant focus on increasing your ROI, we use refined keyword research and strategic bidding to target those who are most likely to convert on your site.

Digital Rocket Marketing use search campaigns tailored to your business aims and goals. We are complementary of any budget, large or small and to any conversion whether it be emails, calls or online sales.


Display Ads

With access to over 90% of Internet users worldwide, Google display ads offers a range of innovative targeting features to place your message in front of your target audience at the right time, in the right place.

Display advertising is constantly evolving to allow for behavioural and contextual targeting, this allows digital rocket marketing to reach your key users at every stage of the sales funnel giving your company the best return on investment.


Facebook Advertising is a powerful method of reaching a very specific audience due to its precise targeting options.

Using profile information you can target your ideal customer using demographics, interests and behaviours.

Your company can also benefit from social recommendation, this means that you will pay for your ad to be displayed but those who see it can like and share it to boost its reach, with no extra cost for you. This increases your return on investment.

At Digital Rocket Marketing we will create your business a Facebook Campaign based on your goals and aims.
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