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SEO Website Design Packages

Your website is the centre of your digital Marketing strategy. When a user needs a product or service, the first thing they do is go to their search engine to find it ( e.g Google). That's why Digital Rocket Marketing builds your website with SEO at the heart of it so your website can be found over your competitors.

Our website Packages are perfect for any businesses looking to grow their clients and customers through online traffic. We can design you a completely new site or redesign you existing one. Whether you are looking for a blog, eCommerce platform or site to showcase your business for leads. Each site is designed to with SEO to bring your website traffic and a user journey with the psychological sales triggers to convert your traffic into leads.

We build each of our websites for conversions, whether its a phone calls, emails or sales, each website user journey is optimised from start to end. Guaranteeing you more leads than any other website development company. We offer a range of website packages from start up sites, redesign and eCommerce. Our sites have no hidden costs, we will give you a quote so you know where you stand and can plan accordingly.
our packages are all built on a fantastic CMS platform to give you complete control an ownership of your site. We even offer you support and training courses to teach your employees how to run and manage your new website. This allows your website to keep growing with your company, no need to pay for maintenance fees to upgrade your site!


Your Website Journey


The Design Phase

This would involve the key stakeholders within your company, who wish to have input into the site, meeting with their website development consultant to discuss their website needs and expectations.
The consultant will work with you to understand who your users are, how they like to be communicated with and what the goals of the site are. During this process, you will create personas for different audiences and prioritise them accordingly. Digital Rocket Marketing can help you identify these audiences and provide clarity about other companies audience processes.
These outputs will be used to help structure the content so that it is grouped in away that makes sure your users will have a compelling experience and be taken on the optimal journey through the site. The result will be a complete sitemap for the new site.

The Individual Design Phase

The consultant will then go back and prototype ideas. The consultant will start by sharing with you the interactive prototype they’ve created for your input in developing it further. They will then continue working on the site with further design days during the week, providing a link to their work so that you can continue to give input.
The site will then be handed over to you for content population. You will have access to support through your account manager to manage this content. After you have all the content populated the site will continue to be optimised for SEO. This will be carried out by your Digital Rocket Marketing account manager. once finished the site can go live.
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